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Gods Forsaken People​.​.​.

by Jihad

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Without 01:58
It wasn't supposed to be this way I'm supposed to be happy Not in this state Not without hurt, not without love Not without hate, not without fear Words that hurt, words that bite Words that rip, words that tear Something must be wrong with my mind I want to try to live again Not without love Not without...
Soulcrosis 01:42
Power envisioned Striking down the conscious Your wants and needs gained By stepping on others Realize your position when the time is too late Struggle to get up from the hope that you/we dug Your wrists are bleeding From the knife of falsehood Each droplet of blood a piece of your soul Blackened from greed Leaking slowly until there is nothing left And empty shell, controlled, corrupted By your wants incarnate Free thought is drained If I could only make you see How ignorant you are You want to get ahead When every step you take Sets you back
War Machine 02:27
The war machine is rolling Swallowing growing Weakness of the mind adding to the power The power, adding, To the power of the war machine Hatred, ignorance Impurities breeding filth Don't resist don't fight Become what they want Don't resist don't fight And the war machine gains power Blossoming like a flower And you become a piece You become a meal
Womb 01:15
The corpses pile crushed from the weight Of thousands of passive thoughts Thoughts wielding a power Turning crank Starting the engines Opening the gates Aversion runs out A wildfire encompassing all Wealth and power unite A loving union Fawning over each other This is the food This is the shroud Feeding the brood Covering the crowd The womb that yields The evil of a nation The great motherland Sheltering her followers With open arms And a knife in the back This is womb This is America This is the wound This is America This is the womb
Alone 01:29
Showing me every way Treating the wounds of the past I can't deal with life Knowing that love will never last The bonds were formed Without dependencies prearranged Meekness transformed into the madness Of lust unchained The initiation of emotion Transcending the barriers of my mind All masks are dropped For such a meaningful time You may never know But the strangulation of our relations And the knowledge of the last touch Has left me truly alone
Intellect 01:20
Beat back Is it me or are you fucking stupid Why is it not so obvious What gives you the right to take To main to kill to rape Their land not yours it's so fucking obvious What you did was wrong Now how come of us two only i see this I'm not perfect Never said I was I just know what not to do And what to respect What is the tradition of celebrating genocide Well I reject your lies And I will do everything I can To break your door down And nail your coffin shut This is the manifest destiny I present to you Die fucker
Skeletons 01:29
Bring forth another Rub it in smear it Mistakes and actions I want to forget Dragged down In your mind By an anchor Of the past While the future makes The anchor's chain break The skeletons count increases In a closet with no handle Until you are willing To forgive the past And release that And realize that The problem The skeletons Are in your head Are in your head The skeletons The problem Are in your head Are in your head


Recorded February 10-11, 1995 at Fast Trax Studios
Mixed by Fast Trax, Kevin Oberlin, and Jihad
Tracks 1-4 originally appeared on the Gods Forsaken People 7" (Schema Records)
Tracks 5 and 6 originally appeared on the split with In Ourselves (Checker Records)
Track 7 originally appeared on the Follow N' Believe Food Not Bombs Compilation (Element Records)

Council Records Archives No. 13


released June 1, 1995

Bass - Joel
Drums - Josh
Guitar - Derek
Vocals - Craig


all rights reserved



Jihad Kalamazoo, Michigan

1994 - 1997

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